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Overview of What am I

There are many things worth knowing in this world. There are many sources of knowledge, there are infinite ways to search, to get information. There are many sciences in which it is the natural instinct of man to get a lot of information. Why? How? Where? When? He throws questions in every field. Due to this sense of curiosity, man has become so knowledgeable and resourceful till now.

Truly knowledge is the light pillar of life. Out of many items of information, “your own information” is paramount. We know or try to know many external things but forget what we ourselves are? Without getting your knowledge, the order of life becomes very shaky, uncertain and thorny.

Due to not knowing his real nature, man thinks things that are not worth thinking and does things that are not worth doing. There is only one highway to true happiness and peace and that is “self-knowledge”. This book has the education of self-knowledge. “What am I?” An attempt has been made in this book to get the answer of this question to the heart not through words but through meditation. We hope that this book will provide useful guidance to the pilgrims on the spiritual path.

What am I Hindi PDF

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