Surah Juma in Urdu

Download Surah Juma in Urdu

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Surah Juma in Urdu

Surah Juma is the 62nd chapter of the Quran. “Surah” means “chapter” or “portion” and this chapter is the day of the assembly when trade, transaction, and other diversions are abandoned.

Definition of Surah Juma is – This passage provides the meaning of the surah. It teaches that this light is abiding and ever present, just like Allah’s blessings and mercies for you. By reciting the Surah Juma on Friday night, one has the chance to get some great mercy and blessings. Due to this, Muslims must find time to sit down on Fridays and read at least one of the chapters in Al Kahf.

Surah Juma in Urdu

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