Surah Fajr prayer in Urdu language

Surah Fajr prayer in Urdu language PDF

Surah Fajr is the 89th Surah of the Quran with 30 verses.Suras contains short, meaningful, awakening verses with abundant warnings.The word Fajr is an Arabic word which means ‘break’ or ‘dawn’. When the first light of the day appears, people call it Fajr. People use to recite some verses from this Surah everyday to praise Allah and ask Him for forgiveness.

Surah Fajr prayer in Urdu

Surah Fajr is a short chapter from the Koran, which Muslims recite as a part of their daily prayers.Fajr prayer is the most important prayer in Islam. Muslims all around the world perform this prayer 5 times a day.Prophet Muhammad sallal laahu alaihi wasallam, said that the one who recites Surah Fajr Allah will forgive his sins amounting to ten times the number of people who recite this Surah.Here you can download the Surah Fajr by clicking the link given in this page.

Surah Fajr prayer in Urdu language PDF download link

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