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Surah Al Mulk Overview

Surah Mulk is the 67th chapter of the Quran. It is one of the most well-known surahs, and many Muslims worldwide have memorized it. This surah contains some beneficial meanings as well as some additional lessons for Muslims. Surah Mulk stresses that no one can force his will on another; he can only direct and set an example (67:26). Surah Mulk takes its name from the very first sentence. Surah Mulk draws attention to the expanse and subtlety of creation as a Sign for the majesty and power of the all-Compassionate.

“It is the prevention of punishment of the grave”. On the Day of Resurrection, Surah Mulk will intervene with Allah for the forgiveness of its Reciter. This Hadith has been narrated (in Arabic) in the past tense because, like the past indefinite, its occurrence is definite and not open to inquiry.

Surah Al Mulk PDF

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