Shiva Puran in Hindi

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Shiva Puran in Hindi

In the Shiva Purana, there is a detailed description, mystery, glory and worship of the benevolent form of Shiva, it is written in Sanskrit language. In this, he has been accepted as the prime eternal perfect God among the five gods. In addition to Shiva-glory, Leela-tales, it has a beautiful combination of worship-system, many enlightening narratives and instructive stories. It contains the grandest personality of Lord Shiva. Shiva – who is self-existent, eternal, supreme being, cosmic consciousness and the basis of cosmic existence. Among all the Puranas, Shiva Purana has the status of being the most important. In this, various forms, incarnations, Jyotirlingas, devotees and devotion of Lord Shiva have been described in detail.

‘Shiva Purana’ is related to Shaivism. In this Purana, mainly Shiva-bhakti and Shiva-glory have been propagated. In almost all the Puranas, Shiva has been described as an idol of renunciation, penance, love and compassion. It is said that Shiva is easily pleased and gives desired results. But in ‘Shiva Purana’, highlighting the life character of Shiva, it has been specially told about his living, marriage and the origin of his sons.

Shiva Puran in Hindi

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