Setu Abhyaskram for Urdu Class IX Book

Download Book for class IX Urdu

Maharashtra Government has taken the significant step of creating a Bridge course(Setu Abhyaskram) in order to prevent students from suffering academic loss during the lockdown period. This move will allow students to continue their education without having to wait for the end of the lockdown period. The Bridge Course(Setu Abhyaskram) will count as credit hours for both school and higher education.

Bridge Course Book for Urdu Class IX

Bridge Course Book for Urdu Class IX

Setu Abhyaskram for Urdu  Class IX  Book is a book published by govt.of Maharashtra  with the purpose of making Urdu  more interesting for kids. The book has been written in an informal way to make it more appealing and easy to understand for the kids. It is a complete set of experiments which can be done at home or at school. The experiments are explained with diagrams to make it easier to understand, and all the required materials are mentioned in each experiment.

Setu Abhyaskram Bridge Course Book for class IX  Urdu download link

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