Rehras Sahib Path in Punjabi

Download Rehras Sahib Path in Punjabi

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Rehras Sahib Path in Punjabi

The┬árehras sahib┬áis the evening prayer of the Sikhs. It is recited at the end of a working day. Its purpose is to add energy to one’s being and living environments. It is intended to help with physical weakness and feelings of hopelessness, unsuccessfulness or worthlessness.

In some Gurdwaras, Rehras Sahib is said as part of the customary congregation. This book includes hymns from Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the Dasam Granth Ji. Reciting Rehras Sahib daily can help you become strong or recite when you’re physically weak and allow for focus and clarity. This is a love letter by a disciple to the Master, written by Guru Arjan Dev Ji to Guru Ram Dass Ji.

Rehras Sahib Path in Punjabi

Rehras Sahib Path in Punjabi PDF Download Link


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