Pink book 2021-22 by Northern Railways

Download Pink book 2021-22 by Northern Railways PDF

Rail Budget of India was the Annual Financial Statement of the state-owned Indian Railways, which handles rail transport in India. It was presented every year by the Minister of Railways, representing the Ministry of Railways, in the Parliament.

North Eastern Railways-Pink book 2021-22

The pink book in Railways consists of the various programs or projects that are undertaken or yet to be undertaken. It consist of detailed information of all the different zones of the Indian Railways.Funds allotted for each work on a particular zonal railway will be indicated in this book.Also the information regarding the abstract cost of the project,expenditure incurred ,funds allotted during current year and balance outlay are included in this book.Here you can download the Northern Railways-Pink book 2021-22 by clicking the link in this page or visit the offcial website


Pink book 2021-22 by Northern Railways PDF download link

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