Name list of Arya Vysya Gothram

Download Name list of Arya Vysya Gothram PDF

Arya Vysya Gothram is under the Other Backward Caste category as per the Karnataka Government order. It is also referred to as Gavara Komati and is a part of the Komati Indian trading community with their primary base in Central and South India.

Arya Vysya Gothram

The Arya Vaishya or Arya Vysya is a Telugu-speaking Indian caste. Orthodox Komatis follow rituals prescribed in the Vasavi Puranam, a religious text written in the late medieval times. Vasavi is the kuladevi of the Komatis.  Here is the list of names of Arya Vysya Gothram in pdf format to download also use the link given in this page.

Name list of Arya Vysya Gothram pdf download link

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