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Margashirsha Mahalaxmi Vrat Katha Overview

By observing Mata Lakshmiji’s fast, mother removes all her sorrows and inspires for a happy life. In Margashirsh Mahalakshmi Thursday Vrat Katha Marathi PDF you will get to read Lakshmiji’s Aarti, Puja method and other things. All Thursdays in the month of Margashirsha are observed for Mahalakshmi Vrat. On this occasion, Ghats are established in the house.

This year, the fast of 5 Thursdays will be celebrated in the month of Margashirsha. Amavasya will start at 7:14 PM on the night of December 22 and end at 3:47 PM on December 23. This year Margashirsh month will start from 24 November 2022. This year the first day of Margashirsha month is Thursday.

Story of Margashirsha Mahalaxmi Vrat:

May the grace of Sri Lakshmi be upon us, may she reside in our home continuously, bring money-peace-satisfaction in the home; So they fast to Shri Mahalakshmi. Doing this fast fulfills all the desires of the heart.

Shri Mahalakshmi has many names, many forms. Shri Mahalakshmi is known by various names like Parvati, Sindukanya, Mahalakshmi, Lakshmi, Rajalakshmi, Grihalakshmi, Savitri, Radhika, Raseshwari, Chandra, Girija, Padma, Malati, Sushila.This is the story that one should meditate on this all-embracing Shri Mahalakshmi. Dwapar-yuga. Happened in our country of Saurashtra in India.
A king was ruling there. His bhadrashrava. He was brave, kind and prudent. He had knowledge of four Vedas, six Shastras, eighteen Puranas. The name of the queen of such a king was Suratchandrika. The queen was beautiful in appearance, graceful and devoted to her husband. They had eight children together. Seven sons and one daughter after him. The king-queen named the girl Shambala. Once it came to Devi’s mind, we should stay in the royal palace of the king. He will make the king more happy; He will also give more happiness to the subjects. If left to the poor, he alone will enjoy all the wealth. So the goddess assumed the form of an old woman, took tattered clothes, took a stick for support and leaning on the stick came to the door of the queen’s palace. Seeing her, a maid came forward. She asked the old woman, “Who the hell are you? where are you from What did you do? what is your name What is the village? what do you want Sri Mahalakshmi, who took the form of an old woman, said, “My name is Kamalabai. I live in Dwarka. I have come to meet your queen. where is she The maid said, “Rani Saheb is in the palace. If I tell them, they will be angry with me. How will you meet them? They will drive you away after seeing your avatar. You stay here for a while Adoshala.” The old woman got angry. She said angrily. “Your queen was the wife of a courtesan in her last birth. That Vaishya was very poor. Both of them used to fight over that. Her husband beat her. Tired of this trouble, one day she left home and started wandering in the forest starving. Seeing her condition, I felt sorry for her. I told her about Sri Mahalakshmi-vrata which gives prosperity, happiness and wealth. So she did that vow. Mahalakshmi was pleased with her vow. Her poverty is over. Her house was filled with wealth and prosperity. Joy filled her life. After performing the Lakshmi Vrata after death, both of them lived in glory as husband and wife in the Lakshmi-loka. He was born in a royal family in this birth. By the grace of the goddess, she is now seated as queen.” Hearing the old man’s words, curiosity arose in the maid’s mind. She gave water to the old woman, saluted and said, “Will you tell me that vow?” I will do it. Will not rise, will not overcome; It won’t add fat if taken.”

The old lady told the maid the information about Lakshmi Vrata. Then she got up and was about to leave, when the queen suddenly came out of the palace. Seeing the old woman in tattered clothes, she got angry and said loudly, “Who are you therde? Why did you come here? Get out of here.” She went ahead and dismissed the old woman. The queen did not know that the old lady was actually Mahalakshmi. Mahalakshmi, seeing the kindness of the queen, decided to go to the place without stopping there. The old lady was about to leave the palace of the queen, a girl came out in a hurry. That girl was Princess Shambala. She came and greeted the old woman and said tenderly, “Grandma, don’t be angry.” I missed my mother. Forgive me for her. I fall at your feet.” Hearing the words of the princess, Sri Mahalakshmi felt pity for her. She told information about Lakshmivrata to Shambala. That day was the first Thursday in the month of Margashirsha.

Then that maid performed Lakshmi Vrata. Her condition improved. Leaving the maidservantship, she started living the world happily. Princess Shambala also performed Mahalakshmi Vrata as instructed with devotion. After observing all the rituals, she performed that fast every Thursday. Done last Thursday.
Soon Shambala was married to a prince named Maladhar of a king named Siddheshwar. She got royal glory. With the influence of Lakshmi Vrata, her life began to be happy and contented. But here Bhadrasrava and Rani Chandrika gradually started seeing bad days. His kingdom is gone. All their glory and opulence went to Laya. Chandrika was the queen; That situation has now changed. Even food and water became expensive. Bhadrasrava felt very sorry; But what will he do? Each day was rising and setting with anxiety.

One day Bhadrasrava felt that he should go to the girl, see her and stay with her for four to eight days. Thus he came to the state of his son-in-law. He was very tired from walking; So he sat on the bank of a river to rest for a while. The queen’s maid was coming to the river. She recognized Bhadrashrava. The maid ran to the palace. Told the news to the king. Even Shambala understood that. Shambala and Maladhara sent chariots and brought Bhadrasrava to the palace with great honor and honored him. Bhadrashrava stayed in the palace for a few days entertaining his son-in-law and daughter. Now thoughts of going back began to stir in his mind. He said so to his son-in-law. Son-in-law consented.

When Bhadrasrava started to go back, Shambala paid one handa and gave the money to his father. He came to Bhadra Shravan’s house with the handa. Hearing that the girl has given a dowry full of money, Surat Chandrika’s joy is bound to skyrocket. Hastily she removed the lid of the chicken. What if you look inside? There was no money in handa. There was only coal! Due to Mahalakshmi’s displeasure, the money in the dowry had become coal. Chandrike hit her forehead with her hand. Bhadrasrava was astonished to see this miracle.

There was no end to the sad days. There was no escape from poverty. Taking Surat Chandrika one day at a time, life was coming to Metakuti. One day Surat Chandrika also wanted to meet Lekki. Like that, she left to go to Lekki’s house. That day was the last Thursday of Margashirsha month. Surat Chandrika reached Lekki’s house. At that time, Shambala was observing the fast. Shambala also took Mahalakshmi-vrata from his mother. After staying with the girl for four days, Surat Chandrika returned to her village. After performing the Lakshmi Vrata, they regained their former glory within a few days.Statehood was achieved. A few days later, Shamba came to Maheri to meet his parents. But when ‘Father’ went to meet him, Shambale gave him a hand full of coal; But nothing was given to us,’ was the rage in Rani’s heart. Therefore, no one welcomed Shambhala as it should have been. The queen had insulted her in a way. But Shambala was not angry with her mother. She left for her home again. While leaving, she took back the dowry she had given to her father earlier. She filled it with salt and brought it to her father-in-law.
When Maladhara came home, he asked Shambale, “What did you bring from Mahera?” Shambale pointed to the handi he had brought with him. Maladhara took off the lid and looked inside, but there were salt stones in the hand! Maladhara was surprised and asked his wife, “What is this? What is the use of this salt? Shambala said, “Wait a little, then you will know.” Shambhala did not add salt to any food on that day. Sort all the ingredients. When Maladhar sat down to eat, she served him all the food. All food became familiar to him. Then Shambale added some salt to the leaf. As soon as it was mixed with food, Bechav food tasted. This use of salt!’ said Shambala to her husband. Maladhar also agreed with her words
In short, whoever performs Mahalakshmi-Vrata with faith and spirit, Shri Mahalakshmi will be pleased and be blessed by her. But even when riches come, a person should not get tired, should do Shree Mahalakshmi Vrat regularly, meditate on the Goddess; That means the Goddess will always stand by you; Will fulfill your wish.
This story of Mahalakshmi, the story of Thursday’s success is complete.
Om Mahalakshmi Namah. Om Shanti: Shanti: Shanti: Shanti:

Margashirsha Mahalaxmi Vrat Katha Marathi PDF

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