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Overview of Manusmriti

Manusmriti (MS) is an ancient legal text or ‘dharmashastra’ of Hinduism. It describes the social system from the time of the Aryans. This country had, by all accounts, an advanced civilisation and culture at the time, dating back to 3500 BC, even to 6000 or 8000 BC, according to some historians. Its people were peace-loving, mainly occupied in agriculture and trade. They were easy prey for the marauding Aryans.

Although there is not much information about the social system, religion and language of the time, it is undisputed that at least for 2,000 years before the invasion by the Aryans, this country was inhabited by people who were far more advanced, one could say even urbanised, peaceful and relatively prosperous. However, almost all historians have written the history of this land as if there was no civilisation before the Aryans.

मनुस्मृति अध्याय 1 – श्लोक 1

मनुमेकाग्रमासीनमभिगम्य महर्षयः।
प्रतिपूज्य यथान्यायमिदं वचनमब्रुवन।।1।।

Hindi Meaning- Manu Maharaj is sitting in a secluded place. Many sages go there and worship Lord Manu. As a result of this worship, Manu asks Maharaj that

भगवन्! सर्ववर्णानां यथावदनुपूर्वशः।
अन्तरप्रभवाणां च धर्मान्नो वक्तुमर्हसि।। श्लोक 2।।

Hindi meaning- Oh God! Tell us the religion of all the varnas (castes) as they are. And please tell us about the religions of all the religions and sects within these varnas.

त्वमेको ह्यस्य सर्वस्य विधानस्य स्वयम्भुवः।
अचिन्त्यस्याप्रमेयस्य कार्यतत्वार्थवित्प्रभो।। श्लोक 3।।

Hindi meaning- Oh God! You are the Swayambhu of all the laws of this world. That means you are the first to have made these rules and laws in this world. You are the one inconceivable. You are the only one who knows the real essence of the immeasurable Brahman and the one who knows salvation.

स तै पृष्टस्तथा सम्यगमितौजा महात्मभिः।
प्रत्युवाचार्च्य तान्सर्वान्महर्षिञ्छ्रूयतामिति। । श्लोक 4।।

Hindi meaning– When asked by sages and sages, even Lord Manu, while worshiping and felicitating those sages, before making a counter-proposition, gives a counter-word and says, listen!

आसीदिदं तमोभूतमप्रज्ञातमलक्षणम्।
अप्रतर्क्यमविज्ञेयं प्रसुप्तमिव सर्वतः।। श्लोक 5।।

Hindi Meaning– Lord Manu says to the sages- This whole world was dark. There was nothing anywhere. Neither anyone could know it nor it had any symptoms. No one could even argue about it. It was not worth knowing. This Prasupta (sleeping) world’s primitive state was the first state. At that time there was only darkness. Just like a sleeping person, this universe was also sleeping in darkness.

तदण्डमभवद्धैमं सहस्त्रांशुसमप्रभम्।
तस्मिन्जज्ञे स्वयं ब्रहमा सर्वलोकपितामहः। श्लोक 6।।

Hindi Meaning– God who was self-manifested before creating this universe. Means self generated. He created himself first. After that he resolved to create this universe and he created 5 elements. “Kshiti Jal Pavak Gagan Sameera. That is, earth, water, light, air, sky originated these five great elements.

योऽसावतीन्द्रियग्राह्यः सूक्ष्मोऽव्यक्तः सनातनः।
सर्वभूतमयोऽचिन्त्यः स एव स्वयमुद्वभौ ।। श्लोक 7।।

Hindi Meaning– The one who was God, the one who created this universe, the one who manifested these five ghosts, the one who originated this world, the one who was self-manifested, the supreme soul who had no cause of origin. Such a God who cannot be known by the senses. About which no one can even tell anything. He is eternal. He is eternal and eternal and He is God in all beings. In this way, that eternal eternal God first of all created himself.

सोऽभिध्यायशरीरात्स्वात्सिसृक्षुर्विविधाः प्रजाः।
अप एव ससर्जादौ तासु बीजमवासृजत् ।। श्लोक 8।।

Hindi meaning – The one who was divine. To create the universe, he first created water from his own body by meditating in his mind and then sowed a seed in that water.

तदण्डमभवद्धैमं सहस्त्रांशुसमप्रभम्।
तस्मिन्जज्ञे स्वयं ब्रहमा सर्वलोकपितामहः ।।9।।

Hindi meaning- The seed that God sowed in the water. That seed again produced an egg, which was a golden egg. That golden egg was shining like the light of crores of suns. Then from that egg the supreme father of all people, Brahma ji revealed himself.

आपो नारा इति प्रोक्ता आपो वै नरसूनवः ।
ता यदस्यायनं पूर्वं येन नारायणः स्मृतः ।। श्लोक10।।

Hindi meaning – The one who is water. He is like the son of Lord Nar (Vishnu). Ar: Water is called Nar because water originates from Nar i.e. Vishnu. (Narasya apatyam iti naram an pratyay). Only Lord Vishnu is called male and water originated from him only. That’s why water is also called Nar. Lord Vishnu is also called Narayan because of the ion of Naar, which means shelter.

यत्तत्कारणमव्यक्तं नित्यं सदसदात्मकम्।
तद्विसृष्टः सः पुरुषो लोके ब्रह्मेति कल्प्यते ।। श्लोक 11।।

Hindi meaning – First of all the reason was. Which no one could know. He was constant. It was eternal. It contained both good and evil. Both the eternal world and the eternal world were included in him. The one who created it, the one who created the universe, the one who created the cause, the one who was the first is known as Brahman in this world.

तस्मिन्नण्डे स भगवानुषित्वा परिवत्सरम् ।
स्वयमेवात्मनो ध्यानात्तदण्डमकरोद्द्विधा ।। श्लोक 12।।

Hindi Meaning- The same Lord Swayambhu lived in that egg for 1 year. Inside that egg itself, Brahma ji divided that egg into two pieces by deep contemplation and imagination. When the egg broke into two pieces, then heaven etc. worlds were formed from those pieces.

ताभ्यां  स शकलाभ्यां च दिवं भूमिं  च निर्ममे।
मध्ये व्योम दिशश्चाष्टावपां  स्थानं च शाश्वतम् ।श्लोक  13।।

Hindi meaning– The creator of the book “Manusmriti” Swayambhuva Manu tells about the creation of the world in front of the sages that the creator Brahma meditated in that golden egg for one year and divided that huge egg into two parts. From the two pieces of the split egg, Brahma created heaven from the upper part, outer space from the middle part and earth from the lower part.

That is, between the heaven in the form of goodness and the earth in the form of tamoguna, space in the form of passion was created. Along with this, that Supreme Father Brahma also created the eastern eight directions and the sea etc. from the same egg.

Some Important Slokas of Manusmriti –

पाषण्डिनो विकर्मस्थान्बैडालव्रतिकांछठान्।
हैतुकान्वकवृत्तींश्च वाड्मात्रेणापि नार्चयेत्।।

Hindi Meaning- Hypocrite, one who does bad deeds, one who cheats others by fooling them, one who hurts others and one who does not have faith in Vedas. These 5 types of people should not be made their guest. And one should try to get rid of them as soon as possible.

स्त्रियो रत्नान्यथो विद्या धर्मः शौचं सुभाषितम्।
विविधानि च शिल्पानि समादेयानि सर्वतः।।

Hindi Meaning– Beautiful women, gems, knowledge, religion, purity, preaching and different types of crafts, these things should be tried to get wherever, wherever, from whomever you meet.

मृगयाक्षदिवास्वप्नः परिवादः स्त्रियों मदः।
तौर्यत्रिकं वृथाद्या च कामजो दशको गणः।।

Hindi Meaning– Hunting, gambling, day dreaming, blasphemy, living with women, drinking alcohol, dancing, singing make-up poems or songs, playing instruments, wandering aimlessly. These 10 bad habits are born due to the feeling of work. That’s why we should stay away from work.

पैशुन्यं साहसं मोहं ईर्ष्यासूयार्थ दूषणम्।
वाग्दण्डजं च पारुष्यं क्रोधजोपिगणोष्टकः।।

Hindi meaning– Backbiting, excessive courage, treachery, jealousy, seeing faults in others, taking away other’s money, cursing, and behaving badly with others. These 8 bad habits arise from anger, so we should keep anger under control.

मातापितृभ्यां यामीभिर्भ्रात्रा पुत्रेण भार्यया।
दुहित्रा दासवर्गेण विवादं न समाचरेत्।।

Hindi Meaning– One should not argue with relatives, brother, sister, son, daughter, wife, daughter-in-law, son-in-law and servants.

Law of Karma
  • Men and women should not have sex during the season, and it has been told that women and men should control their sex drive and avoid making too many relationships.
  • You should not give your fake food to anyone, should not eat after stopping, should not eat more food and should not go anywhere with a fake mouth.
  • The person who bows down to his elders and serves them. His age, knowledge, fame and strength increase.
  • Those things which hinder self-study, those things should be discarded.
  • When the guest comes to the house, he should eat only after being fed.
  • Sun should not be seen at the time of rising, setting and eclipse.
  • The rope with which the cow is tied should not be crossed.
  • One should not run on the road when it is raining.
  • No man should make a relationship with a woman who is older than him, the man who does this, his speed, age and strength are less.
  • Absolutely should not eat in the morning or evening.
  • One should not wear clothes or shoes worn by others.
  • One should not sit in the morning sun, it is not good to do so.
  • One should not go where debate or fight is taking place.
  • Never insult anyone.
  • If a bad person is progressing due to bad deeds, then even after seeing this one should not do bad deeds.
  • Food given by insult and food given by a bad person should never be eaten.
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