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Kartikeya Aarti Overview

It is believed that Lord Murugan was born out the six sparks that emanated from the third eye of Lord Shiva. It is said that Agni (Fire God) carried these sparks and placed them in a pond called Saravana, where six babies were born on a lotus each.

Murugan, chief deity of the ancient Tamils of South India, son of the warrior goddess Korravai. He was later identified in part with the North Indian war god Skanda. His favourite weapon was the trident or spear, and his banner carried the emblem of a wild fowl.

जय जय आरती

जय जय आरती वेणु गोपाला

वेणु गोपाला वेणु लोला

पाप विदुरा नवनीत चोरा

जय जय आरती वेंकटरमणा

वेंकटरमणा संकटहरणा

सीता राम राधे श्याम

जय जय आरती गौरी मनोहर

गौरी मनोहर भवानी शंकर

साम्ब सदाशिव उमा महेश्वर

जय जय आरती राज राजेश्वरि

राज राजेश्वरि त्रिपुरसुन्दरि

महा सरस्वती महा लक्ष्मी

महा काली महा लक्ष्मी

जय जय आरती आन्जनेय

आन्जनेय हनुमन्ता

जय जय आरति दत्तात्रेय

दत्तात्रेय त्रिमुर्ति अवतार

जय जय आरती सिद्धि विनायक

सिद्धि विनायक श्री गणेश

जय जय आरती सुब्रह्मण्य

सुब्रह्मण्य कार्तिकेय।

Kartikeya Aarti Hindi PDF

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