Global Hunger Index scores by 2021

Download Global Hunger Index scores by 2021 PDF

According to the GHI report, 135 country’s data were assessed.In this data,116 countries have sufficient data to calculate for 2021 GHI scores.For 19 countries,scores could not be calculated due to lack of data.The India is ranked as 101 out of 116 as per GHI data.

Scores by Global Hunger 2021

Against the backdrop of the 2021 United Nations Food Systems Summit, this year’s GHI report delves into one of the biggest policy challenges of 2021: how to deliver meaningful change for the 155 million people considered acutely food insecure and the 10 countries classified by the GHI as alarming or extremely alarming,8 of which are affected by conflict.Here you can download the GLobal Hunger Index to know more details about it.

Global Hunger Index scores by 2021 PDF download link

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