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Essay on Indramani Badoni Overview

Indramani Badoni was born on this day i.e. December 24, 1925 in Akhodi village of Jakholi block of Tehri district. His father’s name was Suresh Chandra Badoni. Born in an ordinary family, Badoni’s life was spent in poverty. His education took place in the village itself. He did his graduation from Dehradun. Apart from being an eloquent speaker, he was also a painter. He was proficient in playing folk instruments.

When Indramani Badoni emerged as a leader. In the year 1992, on the day of Makar Sankranti, from the famous Uttarayani Kautik of Bageshwar, he announced to shift the capital of Uttarakhand to Gairsain. However, till date Gairsain could not become a permanent capital. The people of the mountain are struggling to make the capital in the mountain itself.

Uttarakhand has been the motherland of great men. More than one great men, heroes took birth here and made the holy land of Uttarakhand great by their good deeds. Among these great men of Uttarakhand, the name of great man Indramani Badoni, famously known as Gandhi of Uttarakhand, is recorded in golden letters in the history of Uttarakhand. He is also called the father of the Uttarakhand state movement.

Early life
Indramani Badoni ji was born on 24 December 1925 in Akhodi village of Jakholi block of Tehri district. His father’s name was Sureshanand Badoni. Indramani Badoni’s mother’s name was Mrs. Kalo Devi. His family was a poor Brahmin family. His father Mr. Sureshanand Badoni was a very simple person. At that time he used to work as a priest.

He got his initial studies up to class 4 from his village Akhodi. And passed class seven examination from Road Dhar and went to Mussoorie, Tehri Dehradun for further studies. Due to the early death of his father, the responsibilities of the house fell upon him. Also went to Bombay for some time. After coming back from Bombay, he started his family by rearing goats and buffaloes.

social life
From his early life in his village, he expanded his social life. He used to work together with his friends for the protection of the environment. Many of the schools started by him have also been elevated and provincialised. Mr. Indramani Badoni was a good volleyball player. Shri Badoni ji was very fond of watching cricket matches.

In 1953, Meera Ben Tehri, a disciple of Gandhiji, was on a tour of the villages of Garhwal. When she reached Akhodi village and wanted to talk about the development of the village with an educated person, she could not find anyone educated except Shri Badoni ji. As a result of Meera Ben’s inspiration, Mr. Badoni ji devoted himself wholeheartedly to social work.

Shri Indramani Badoni ji was a good social citizen as well as a good artist. At the local level, by forming small groups, along with cultural programs, cleanliness programs were also run. Along with this, Shri Badoni ji was also a very good theater artist. He also got Madho Singh Bhandari’s play staged at many places. Along with that, he used to get Ramlila staged in his village and nearby villages.

Seeing the Pandava dance staged by him in Delhi, the then Prime Minister Shri Nehru ji got emotional and started dancing with Badoni ji. Apart from this, Shri Badoni ji had a special love for the mountains. In today’s date, the trekkers of the world who are trekking the Sahastratal, Polykantha, and Khatling glaciers, were first visited by Shri Badoni ji.

Political life of Indramani Badoni
Mr. Badoni ji became the head of his village in 1961 and was elected the first Block Pramukh of Tatpashyat Jakholi development block. After that Mr. Badoni ji became a member of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly in 1967 as an independent candidate from Devprayag Assembly. After this he was elected MLA thrice. In 1989, due to the use of money power in the Lok Sabha elections of his arch-rival, he had to face defeat.

Contribution of Indramani Badoni ji in Uttarakhand movement
Mr. Indramani Badoni was the leader of the Uttarakhand statehood movement. Shri Badoni ji was the main focal point of the Uttarakhand movement. Since 1979, he had become active for a separate hill state. Shri Badoni ji was a skilled speaker. He had good knowledge about almost every area of ​​Uttarakhand. He gave the idea of ​​a separate hill state to the people of Uttarakhand. And led the struggle for a separate state by standing in the first line.

As soon as the Uttarakhand Kranti Dal was formed in 1979, he remained its life member. In 1992, at the fair of Uttarayani, he declared Gairsain as the capital of Uttarakhand. Shri Badoni ji was also the chairman of the Mountain Development Council. Shri Badoni ji started fast unto death in Pauri in 1994, the then government put him in Muzaffar Nagar Jail. After that the black history of Khatima-Mussoorie incident and Muzaffar Nagar incident is well known.

Shri Badoni ji’s way of talking was unique. He had a good hold on esoteric subjects. People used to wait for hours to hear him.

Gandhi OF Uttarakhand 

There were many turning points during the struggle for a separate Uttarakhand state. But Mr. Badoni ji gave edge to this struggle by standing in the front row with his charismatic leadership, operating the Uttarakhand state movement like a skilled leader. Due to his leadership ability, simple personality, selfless spirit, BBC and Washington Post gave him the title of “Parvatiya Gandhi” or Gandhi of the mountain.

Till his last days Mr. Badoni kept fighting for a separate Uttarakhand state. Mr. Badoni ji started falling ill due to frequent travels and irregular eating habits. Mr. Badoni used to talk about Uttarakhand even while undergoing treatment in hospitals. Finally, the brave son of Uttarakhand, this great man known as Gandhi of Uttarakhand, merged into eternal sleep on August 18, 1999 at his Vithal Ashram in Rishikesh.

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