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Overview of Ekadashi Fast List

In Hinduism, Ekadashi fast is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Lord Vishnu is worshiped on this day for the purpose of wishing for the happiness and prosperity of the family. Ekadashi fasting is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. According to the Hindu calendar, Ekadashi fast is observed twice every month, one in Krishna Paksha and one in Shukla Paksha.

According to religious beliefs, Adhik Maas comes once in every three years. It is also known as Malmas or Purushottam month. Accordingly, according to the Hindu calendar, in the year 2023, there will be a total of 26 Ekadashis. That is, due to more months, this time 2 additional Ekadashi will be observed.

Monday, January 02Paush Putrada Ekadashi
Wednesday, January 18Shatatila Ekadashi
Wednesday, February 01Jaya Ekadashi
Thursday, February 16Vijaya Ekadashi
Friday, March 03Amalaki Ekadashi
Saturday, March 18Papamochini Ekadashi
Saturday, April 01Kamada Ekadashi
Sunday, April 16Varuthini Ekadashi
Monday, May 01Mohini Ekadashi
Monday, May 15Apara Ekadashi
Wednesday, May 31Nirjala Ekadashi
Wednesday, June 14Yogini Ekadashi
Thursday, June 29Devshayani Ekadashi
Thursday, July 13Kamika Ekadashi
Saturday, July 29Padmini Ekadashi
Saturday, August 12Param Ekadashi
Sunday, August 27Shravan Putrada Ekadashi
Sunday, September 10Aja Ekadashi
Monday, September 25Parivartini Ekadashi
Tuesday, October 10Indira Ekadashi
Wednesday, October 25Papankusha Ekadashi
Thursday, 09 NovemberRama Ekadashi
Thursday, November 23Devutthan Ekadashi
Friday, 08 DecemberUtpanna Ekadashi

Benefits of Ekadashi fast

  • There are 26 benefits of observing this Ekadashi fast – the person remains healthy, gets rid of demons, ghosts and vampires etc.
  • Sins are destroyed, troubles are relieved, all works are accomplished, good luck is attained, salvation is attained, marriage obstacles are removed, wealth and prosperity comes, peace is attained, freedom from attachments and bonds Yes, all wishes are fulfilled.
  • Happiness is attained, success is attained, troubles are pacified, poverty is removed, everything lost is regained, ancestors are freed from degradation, fortune awakens, wealth is attained, son is born. Enemies are destroyed, all diseases are destroyed, fame and fame are attained, Vajpayee and Ashwamedha sacrifices are rewarded and success is achieved in every work.
Ekadashi Fast List 2023 Hindi PDF

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