Catalog for Kajaria Wall Tiles 2021

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Kajaria Ceramics is the largest manufacturer of Ceramic / Vitrified tiles in India. It has an annual aggregate capacity of 70.4 mn. sq. meters, distributed across Eight plants – One plant in Uttar Pradesh (Sikandrabad), Two plants in Rajasthan (Gailpur & Malootana), three plants in Gujarat (Morbi) and Two plants in Andhra Pradesh (Vijayawada & Srikalahasti ) . The motivating factor remains the zeal to be the best, to be at the top and
to achieve the highest echelons of excellence. The manufacturing units are equipped with cutting edgetechnology. Intense automation, robotic car application and a zero chance for human error are just few reasonswhy Kajaria remains at the top in the Industry.

Founded 30 years ago with a single-minded vision, to be the best in providing tilesolutions, Kajaria has since then grown stronger with its hard work, innovation and patronage from our discerning customers. The Indian consumers’ rapidly growing appetite for style and aesthetics is the inspiration behind every design of Kajaria
Ceramics. It has today become a synonym for quality, service and innovation.

Kajaria offers more than 2800 options in Ceramic tiles, Vitrified tiles, Designer tiles and much more. These tiles come in a wide range of colors and textures to complement your bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, offices, shopping malls, airports and the list goes on and on. These tiles are born out of an inspired creativity of those who feel that rooms should be an extension of the beauty reflected. With an unparalleled commitment towards quality we strive to adopt technologies and standards with the changing times.

Be it technology, research, design or quality, Kajaria has set its sight on all these factors and adopting new production techniques in order to enhance the quality of its products. as a result of the creativity and design ability of our team, our design comprises both innovation and exclusivity. Using robot car application, new rectification technique and digital printing system, we have the efficiency to produce quality products and
innovative designs. Our ultra modern manufacturing plants are fully equipped to cope with the ever increasing demand of the discerning customers’ that are conscious of quality and designs. Timely investments in capacities, in-depth understanding of the volatile business environment, apt business practices & healthy investment in human resource are some of the reasons that have made Kajaria Ceramics a name to be
reckoned with in the global mainstream.

Kajaria wall tiles catalog 2021

Kajaria wall tiles are one of the best wall tiles for heavy traffic and commercial areas. This is because it is durable and does not get worn off easily. It also gives an elegant look to the place with its classy design. Unlike other normal tiles, these are waterproof and can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Kajaria wall tiles is a product that suits the needs of people who are looking for a highly durable and low maintenance flooring solution.

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