Argala Stotram in Sanskrit

Download Argala Stotram in Sanskrit

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Argala Stotram in Sanskrit

Argala Stotram is a prayer to Goddess Durga. The prayer is composed by Rishi Markandeya and includes 27 shlokas. This prayer can help you overcome all the problems and difficulties a typical person has to face. The devotees recite this prayer to Goddess Durga, who is asking for happiness, inner beauty & victory over enemies. This prayer can also be helpful if you’re not married yet.

You should chant Argala Stotram seven times a day and before completing Durga Saptshati. Devotees also recite Argala Stotram for Marriage. Sri Argala Stotram is a song that Devotees of Durga sing to please her. They sing it out of their affection and devotion which grants them happiness. But as You Know the Hidden Meaning of each verse, You will be able to understand the secrets behind these words and how it Opens the Doors of Happiness and spirituality for you.

Argala Stotram in Sanskrit

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