All new MG Astor brochure 2021

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The all new MG Astor comes with an personnal AI assitant which understands our voice commends and reacts accordingly.Advanced Driver Assistance System is a group of safety and convenience functions intended to improve comfort for drivers and road safety, and preventing or reducing the severity of potential accidents.MG Astor has the special feature called lane safety control,the multipurpose camera identifies lane markings and warns you in case the vehicle is deviating from the lane and can even correct your course.

 Brochure for all  new MG Astor 2021

The all new MG Astor has the Forward Collision Prevention system.This system alerts the driver about a probable collision with a four-wheeler, two-wheeler or a pedestrian when the gap becomes too close and applies autonomous deceleration if there is no action from the driver.MG Astor has a Bold Celestial Grille,Full LED Hawkeye Headlamps in the front.This car has the Full Digital Cluster with 17.78 cm Embedded LCD Screen which increases the cabin more beautiful.Book the test drive and find the new world in the road with the MG Astor.

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